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1,001 Bite-size Diet, Nutrition & Exercise Tips
 1,001 Entertaining & Motivating Quotes
100’s of Funny Observations

 Your Ultimate Weight Loss Solution -

Let Weight Loss Wisdom entertain you daily as it educates and motivates you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. Compiled from leading and respected sources, this new motivational screensaver displays over 2,400 useful tips on diet, nutrition, exercise and fashion, combined with motivational quotes and funny observations. Download our free trial version today with the confidence knowing that Weight Loss Wisdom contains no spyware or adware. Downloads

Family and friends will benefit from the practical  information displayed whenever your screensaver runs. Weight Loss Wisdom entertains as it keeps you focused on your weight loss goals at work and home. Learn the strategies you need to counter the daily challenge of losing weight. 


Your weight loss starts here!

Science has proven that repetition works and repeated use of Weight Loss Wisdom will immerse your mind in positive health and fitness messages to help your subconscious turn your weight loss goals into a reality. Don’t believe repetition works? Stop and think of all the advertising jingles you know simply because you have heard them repeated so often in the media. Effortlessly benefit from practical information on: 

Safe and successful weight loss
Overcoming dieting obstacles
Developing your nutrition IQ
Supermarket strategies
Starting an exercise program
The benefits of exercise
Dressing to impress

The power of affirmations

Be entertained   - Weight Loss Wisdom will enlighten and entertain you with wit, wisdom, proverbs and observations from the world's most influential minds. It is packed with over 2,400 powerful messages that can transform your life.

Weight Loss Wisdom chooses its quotations randomly and displays them one at a time, in pleasing colors and fonts. The screensaver displays quotations and diet and exercise tips along with hundreds of colorful, captivating images. 

Get motivated  - Our collection of motivational quotations and messages were carefully chosen from some of the world’s most inspirational people on topics designed to help you achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Said by Benjamin Franklin, nothing could be truer and Weight Loss Wisdom will provide your ultimate "food for thought".

Start getting noticed - Weight Loss Wisdom contains hundreds of fashion tips to help both men and women improve their appearance. You will learn fashion strategies that will minimize your less flattering features and maximize your most flattering features.

User friendly and fully customizable -  Offers you a high degree of control over almost every aspect of its presentation. Many of its controls and options are available to you through accelerator keys or Hot Keys. For more detailed information about adding your own pictures and other helpful features click here: Features

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"Weight Loss Wisdom" is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. 
Before starting a new diet, or exercise program, please contact your doctor.